In Allgemein

Discovering the diversity of the inner child is, on the one hand, a wonderful journey into the past and, at the same time, a tracing of your injuries. It’s long ago and over, but that’s not the case, here you will find your true soul-being, your innocence and absolute love.

Your soul was carried for a good nine months, you were nourished and already commiserated. In the dark you were waiting for your day when it became light. And then it came, your day of birth, and you were born at whatever cost for you and your mother. What a drama to be born into life. And there was pain and there was joy.

And there you were.

Incredibly wonderful. And your mother looks at her child and can hardly believe it, exhausted from the act of life she hugs you and kisses your forehead, forgets all the pain in the moment she feels you. Tears of joy run down her face and she knows that it was worth enduring all this.

I still remember as if it were yesterday when I gave birth to my children, oh my God, now I have a true meaning in my life and I will love and protect you, and I will show you the world in all its facets. And although I myself was not wanted, I had this feeling, it was in me, far from my own life story, but in my naturalness as a woman.

I carried the most precious thing in my hands and it was my responsibility what I made of it. For days, even months, I could not get enough of the beauty of my child.

This feeling of virginity and vulnerability, this feeling of absolute love, with so much dignity towards life still accompanies me to this day.

And never before had I felt something so sacred. Our children, like ourselves, are full of love and dignity, and so vulnerable is the stuff that you’re made of. So subtle and extremely precious.

It is my vocation to say this to all the children of this earth, to support all children in being wonderful beings, and this is their primary right, to embrace it and bring it into the world. Your life has a special meaning, maybe you forgot about it, but when you return to your original essence, you will remember what you have always been.

This core of your heart is still here, waiting for you to get in touch with it and enlighten yourself.

Of course, life causes pain, because it begins with pain and love, and on some days, you may have had the feeling of dying, so you can love again, over and over again, because the labor pains do not stop. Your first great love is a form of dying, an important person in your life leaves, and there it is again, this birth, and it reminds you of the moment when you came into this world.

We are all what we are, pain and love in one. That’s the price of life that nobody can escape from. There’s no denying it, and if you acknowledge that, you’ll get a new perspective on the big picture.

If you look at evolution life as a child, you may still feel powerless, because as a child you could not help your surroundings, your parents, siblings, etc. feel better, but this is a deception, because you were giving yourself to them. At least for a while, and some of you still do. So, it is time to withdraw and go into your own life. With your unconditionally loving child.

Set forth on your way out into life to leave your mother´s womb.

Oh yes, that can be scary, because fear was also born, buried in pain.

And fear is as natural as love. Look at is this way and imagine the following:

You have a holy night with someone, when a soul decides on you, and you are chosen to give this soul a body. You find out that you are pregnant. Some are happy, some are astonished, some are afraid. Because now it’s about life and death. The fear that something goes wrong at birth, the fear, is my child healthy, the fear, can we make it financially, or you are in a state of shock – you see, fear is already born and is completely natural. Now I do not know when a man or father reads this, how he feels, but women certainly feel this way. And it is not to be taken for granted if everything goes well. Your child is not to be taken for granted, it is a godsend and as such it is to be treated and respected. The respect towards life and to handle it responsibly is an act of charity and human dignity.

This soul and your child, even if it is already 40 years old, does not belong to you, dear parents, they have come to you as a gift, so treat them as such and rejoice when they come by from time to time.

Emotionally, many of you are still bound and not free. And this can mean a lot emotionally. And it is with this pain and love that you still toil today and are not free to be happy as adults.

How often do you hear women saying that they have another child in their husbands? In return, men complain that they have married their mother.

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